About Us

Who is Living Greatness?

Living Greatness is a social organization dedicated to implementing strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life for individuals and organizations throughout the world. Through our books and events, we bring you practical strategies as well as the most cutting-edge ideas and tools for attaining authentic success and happiness in your life.  The vision of Living Greatness is to inspire and empower at least a million people over the next five years.

We provide a unique platform for everyday people to access the same ideas and resources that top leaders and thinkers use to create extraordinary quality in every area of their lives. We do this by collaborating with some of the world’s leading minds, from best-selling authors, philosophers, quantum physicists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, philanthropists and visionaries, as well as meditation teachers and global peace ambassadors. We also works in tandem with world-renowned charitable organizations. Primarily, we support Make-A-Wish Australia and World Vision in achieving their noble goal of alleviating human suffering. Living Greatness is a new type of social organization that combines the best of charity and commerce.

Why was Living Greatness created?

Living Greatness is especially important at this critical time when war, economic downturn, famine and global warming are serious issues facing the global population. The Chinese character for the word ‘crisis’ consists of two words – the first word is crisis and the second word is opportunity. This implies that no matter how daunting our circumstances may appear, we always have a choice in life; what seems like a crisis can really be our best opportunity. Now is the time to create a new paradigm that embraces change as an opportunity: to choose love rather than fear; to focus on giving rather than taking; to live in abundance rather than scarcity; to practice tolerance instead of hate; and to inspire hope where there is despair.

The heart of Living Greatness is to spark a social movement that enriches human lives through the universal messages of happiness, love and success, but we point the way toward attaining these through selfless contribution and finding one’s unique purpose in life. We have envisioned a world where people live to their highest potential, as manifested on a daily basis in their vibrant health, fulfilled relationships, financial prosperity and balance between happiness and a purpose in life.

Living Greatness’s key values

  1. We are committed to making a difference in the world (with our goal being to empower the lives of one million people in the next five years).

  2. We believe that everyone can live, be and give more than they currently think possible, no matter where they are in life.

  3. We adhere to strict moral and ethical principles. Integrity is the central component of every aspect of our organization.

What we do?

We believe that in order to live an extraordinary life – one that is lived on our own terms, filled with unbridled joy, ultimate success and lasting fulfillment – it is imperative to make progress in the areas of life that are important. To accomplish this, we must enlarge our definition of success to include factors that go beyond those established by society, such as wealth and social status. We believe that to achieve authentic success we must attain a balance in our lives among the following key aspects: good health, a fulfilling career, secure finances, strong and meaningful relationships, selfless service and a high purpose for living. We also believe that genuine transformation does not happen overnight, but is a gradual process that takes place on three fundamental levels:

Level 1: Education (developing awareness and knowledge)

Level 2: Practical tools (integration through real-life applications)

Level 3: Community (associating with like-minded people for reinforcement)