Living Greatness is a social organization dedicated to implementing strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life for individuals and organizations throughout the world. Through our books and events, we bring you the most cutting-edge ideas, tools and practical strategies for authentic success and happiness. The vision of Living Greatness is to inspire and empower at least a million people over the next five years.  >> read more

"Living Greatness contains timeless wisdom in a contemporary package for living a happier, more successful and more fulfilling life. Get ready for the read of your life!"

Jack Canfield
CEO, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

"Living Greatness has the potential to change the lives of millions."

Tony Hsieh
(Fortune Magazine's
"100 Best Companies To Work For")

"Living Greatness will show you how to create greater success and prosperity in your work, deeper fulfillment in your relationships, and more happiness in your daily experience."

 Marci Shimoff
No.1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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About Our Founder
Joseph Law
is the CEO of Living Greatness. He is the author of Living Greatness: A Practical Guide to Living an Enlightened Life. His work has attracted and won the support of international best-selling authors, leading CEOs, as well as billionaires and celebrities worldwide.
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